We specialize in Turkish handcrafted carpets and Kilims. We select the most unique and original pieces, which represent the rich Anatolian Turkish culture. Therefore, they are considered true works of art.

Our traditional collection of rugs displays traditional tribal and nomad motifs carrying the history of Turkish culture.

Visit our store in Istanbul and explore our large collection of Turkish carpets and Kilims. They are available in different sizes, motifs, color palettes. We have also carpets to suit all tastes and styles and we would love to see you in our store in Istanbul.


We genuinely admire and respect the craftsmanship that goes into the making of Turkish carpets and Kilims, and recognize that each carpet maker weaves their love and care into each piece. We are proud and honored to offer these carefully crafted pieces to our valued customers. As experts in Turkish carpets, we have carefully inspected and selected our collection of Turkish carpets and Kilims and proudly display them for our customers in our store in Istanbul.


As experts in Classic Turkish Rug’s, we have carefully inspected and selected our collection of Turkish carpets and Kilims and proudly display them for our customers in our store in Istanbul.


An inspiring photo gallery showing contemporary or traditional settings with modern and oriental rugs;


In El Rincon de Fehmi we consider the kilims unique pieces. We select the most representative kilims of the Turkish culture, which maintain the ancient and handmade techniques for its preparation. With this, we offer our customers the security of having original, resistant and high-quality parts. In terms of maintenance, the kilim are pieces that can be handled with agility. They require very little in terms of washing. As pieces of decoration, they represent decorative elements of ethnic style, which merge into any environment.


“Ikat,” or “Ikkat,” is a dyeing technique that creates patterns on textiles through a process of resist dyeing, similar to tie-dye, either on the warp threads or the weft threads.

“Welcome to El Rincón de Fehmi, a realm of artisanal jewelry where craftsmanship transforms into wearable art. Our creations emanate the dedication of skilled artisans who meticulously craft each piece, encapsulating elegance and uniqueness. From exquisite necklaces to intricate rings, every creation tells a story of passion and precision. Our jewelry is more than an accessory; it’s a reflection of your individuality and the mark of a timeless tradition. Explore our collection, embrace the beauty of handmade craftsmanship, and adorn yourself with creations that stand as testaments to the extraordinary blend of art and skill. Elevate your style with El Rincón de Fehmi.”


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