Our values are based on the Turkish philosophy, tradition and handicraft. Now a days, handcrafted and denominated origin product it´s a very difficult treasure to find. In El Rincon de Fehmi our job is to search for the unique piece which represents better the Turkish culture.



SILK KILIM 146 X 75 cm

RUGS AS IN A STORY                                 

Fehmi, a lover of the Spanish culture, gave his first store the Spanish name El Rincon de Fehmi. It was firs opened in 1996, in one of the many alleys nearby Santa Sofia Cathedral and Byzantine Cisterna. In 2013 he opened his firs international headquarter in Madrid’s countryside, in Spain. It’s a gorgeous space decorated with handcrafted Turkish lamps and very good taste in desing but, mostly full of rugs and kilims knotted by Anatolian women…

Elena del Amo / Freelance Journalist  

At El Rincon de Fehmi we consider the handcrafted lamps as a key piece when it comes to creating room environments. We treat them as sculptures that provide an artistic touch and fill up with personality the rooms and environments we want to create.


What most got in to our attention were the impressive hammered tin lamps. They are unique, handcrafted Turkish lamps, hammered with Turkish shapes and patterns. They create a warm and incredible environment and can immerse oneself into the Anatolian culture.