Welcome to El Rincon de Fehmi


El Rincón de Fehmi opened for the first time in 1996, in Istambul´s city center. In between the multiple alleys that surrounds Santa Sofia Cathedral and the Byzantine Cisterna, Fehmi decided to start a business dedicated to handcrafted Turkish rugs and kilims. Fehmi, a lover of the Spanish culture, named his store with the Spanish name of El Rincon de Fehmi and, in 2013, we opened our first international headquarter in Madrid. Shortly, we decided to expand our business to Chile where we also opened a store in Santiago.

The main goal of El Rincon de Fehmi is to pass on the Turkish handcraft culture through the extraordinary world of the rugs. As experts of this ancient art, we want to make known to our client the history and the origin of our product, as well as the clothing handicraft techniques used for its manufacture. We believe in handicraft as a luxury but affordable product, whose added value its in the history that surrounds it and the unique experience that our client lives on the purchase process. Faithful to our culture, we sure welcome you to have a nice cup of tea at any of our stores. We want to make you known of the authentic Turkish culture of the art of rugs. As we say: “Our values are based on the Turkish philosophy, tradition and handicraft. Now a days, handcrafted and denominated origin product it´s a very difficult treasure to find. In El Rincon de Fehmi our job is to search for the unique piece which represents better the Turkish culture.”

Experts on decoration arts

On the other hand, decoration has taken a big part inside the modern world. In El Rincon de Fehmi we have surrounded ourselves with experts and our own experience to offer our clients advise and ideas to guide them to select the perfect item for their spaces based on their tastes and lifestyle.