Knot density: 200000 knots per m²

Thickness: 6 mm

Age: New

Origin: Made in Turkey with 100% natural fibers

Material: Viscos and Cotton

Manufacturing: Machine weaving

Available measures:


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¡Nordic Rug! Our Nordic rug’s collection are made in Turkey by authentic experts of  carpet weavers. In our stores we’ve got every rug you can imagine, from the contemporary to the traditional, the ordinary to the extra ordinary. We go out of our way to find designs from across the world that will make your floor look fantastic!

All our carpets we use vegetable colors and natural materials such as like a woolcottonviscose and silk. All stages of the manufacture of our carpets are making with high quality materials, we use to mix usually classic and contemporary designs. The different colors and sizes capable of adapting to the tastes and needs of each client. Therefore, they are considered unique carpets and full of personality.

If you like this style of carpets, our range of contemporary and classic rugs are sure to inject character into any room. Do not hesitate! Choose your style, they are especially designed by our creativity team for you.

We help and advise you to select the carpet that best suits your spaces and style.


In El Rincon de Fehmi our job is to search and fine to unique pieces which represents better to Turkish culture. For this reason, we always care about quality of our carpets. Likewise, we use vegetable colors and natural materials such as wool, cotton, viscose and silk for making the rugs. All stages in making carpets are performed with quality materials. We usually blend classic and contemporary designs in together. Different colors and sizes address to all demands and tastes of each client. Therefore, the rugs are unique and each of them has a personality.

If you like this new style of carpets, the wide range of contemporary rugs will complete character of the room in a harmony. Please do not hesitate to choose your style, they are especially designed by our creativity team for you. In our stores you can discover & fall in love with our luxury rugs, beautifully hand-made with the finest materials. We can also offer you round, square or rectangular rugs, in natural tones or monochrome patterns.

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