About Us


The El Rincón de Fehmi was founded in 1996 as a family business in Istanbul. It is located close to the Basilica Cistern in the historic center of the city. We pride ourselves on our principles and the quality workmanship of our products delivered to our loyal customers throughout the world. This dedication to excellence has allowed us to enjoy over 25 years of success in our exciting business venture. 
At El Rincon de Fehmi, the largest offeror of high-quality hand-knotted carpets, our primary objective is to offer the best quality in the market at the best price so that our customers are always satisfied – because we know that referrals from our satisfied customers are the best advertising. Our extensive experience over the years allows us to successfully bring to your country the largest, most exquisite, and diverse collection of handmade rugs, kilims, oriental mosaic lamps of the best craftsmanship of Turkey.


“Nowadays, El Rincón de Fehmi is known in different countries around the world, with six stores in Istanbul, one establishment in Madrid, another in Santiago de Chile, and the recent opening in Miami, United States.