Origin: Turkey / South East part of Anatolia.
Material: Wool.
Size: 150x111cm

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The kilim is a simple warp technique. Compared to the knotting technique of carpets, kilims are created from a flat warp weft. Its origin goes back to the nomads of Central Asia, who used them as a bed, as an element to set up their tents to protect themselves from the desert or even as suitcases. The designs of these kilims were not based simply on the creativity of these nomads, but they were based on symbolism. The drawings meant events, messages, beliefs and feelings. Its preparation was totally spontaneous. Its main characteristic is that they are very light and lightweight pieces since they were designed to be transported.

In El Rincon de Fehmi we consider the kilims unique pieces. We select the most representative kilims of the Turkish culture, which maintain the ancient and handmade techniques for its preparation. With this, we offer our customers the security of having original, resistant and high quality parts. In terms of maintenance, the kilim are pieces that can be handled with agility. They require very little in terms of washing. As pieces of decoration, they represent decorative elements of ethnic style, which merge into any environment.

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Dimensions 210 × 200 cm


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