Classic Usak (Zigler) Turkish Rug
Material: Wool and Cotton
Size : 80×113cm
Double knot, approximately 200000 – 250000 knot per square meter
Age: New

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Classic Turkish Rugs

Classic Turkish Rug’s and kilim’s are each one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces of art steeped in history and tradition. The unique colors and motifs of each carpet adapt well in all settings and styles and display exceptional quality. Each piece contributes a special finishing touch to any room, and adds style and character to all spaces.  Each carpet exhibits high-quality workmanship and all are made with care from high-quality, natural materials making them resistant to time and wear.

As experts in Classic Turkish Rug’s, we have carefully inspected and selected our collection of Turkish carpets and Kilims and proudly display them for our customers in our store in Istanbul.

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