Handcrafted classic carpets represent the ancient art of knitting wool, silk, and at a later stage, cotton. The art of knitting had been initiated by the Midwestern nomads, who were mainly from Caucasia region, Turkey and Iran. Furthermore, they had also used such handcrafted carpets as portable beds, blankets, and a haven against cold weather and the desert. The classic carpets are handcrafted at present by following the ancient patterns. This is why these carpets are extremely unique. They generally have tribally, geometrical, and historical motives. The wool is dyed with natural colors which is obtained from different minerals. Three carpets are in excellent quality and they are everlasting.


We mainly focus on Turkish carpets. We always choose the original pieces that represent the culture of this country and represent the ancient patterns. These Turkish carpets are considered to be one of the best examples of unique work of art. They carry tribal motives on them with magnificent vivid colors. These carpets symbolize the history of Turkey and the culture they represent is passed down generation after generation. They are very durable and everlasting due to the fact that they are handcrafted with natural products of good quality such as minerals. In addition to this, they usually have short and stiff feather which offers the best possible maintenance.

Classic carpets are unique and exclusive in a home harmonized with history and exoticism. They can adapt to any kind of environment, decorative style, and can also offer exceptional quality. They provide integrity, a special touch, and bring personality to the spaces they are used in. We, the experts on this field, proudly and pleasantly recommend and urge you to see our collection of carpets.

We also offer personalized carpet cleaning services as well as maintenance and repair of the carpets.

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